South Central Manufacturing

Serving the Pharmaceutical and Vitamin Industry since 1993

Our Location

Located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, South Central Manufacturing offers a state-of-the-art, modern facility that is staffed by a team of engineers and machinists who exemplify traditional values of hard work, integrity and pride that is rarely seen today.

Additionally, our location enables us to keep overhead costs very low and gives us convenient access for shipping anywhere in the United States or around the world.

Below you will find some of the beautiful natural springs just minutes from our facility!

One of the most frequently visited Ozark springs, Alley Spring is located at the foot of a picturesque limestone bluff. The spring has an average daily flow of 81 million gallons of water. Alley Spring holds the record for the largest credible measured flow of any Ozark spring 1.776 billion gallons of water, on April 22, 1974.
Round Spring flows into an almost perfectly circular cavern that has collapsed, and from there it travels through a natural tunnel before it emerges into the spring branch. It has an average flow of 33 million gallons per day.
Big Spring in the Missouri Ozarks is one of the largest springs in the United States. It is one of the largest Missouri springs with an average daily flow of 286 million gallons of water.
Blue Spring is the one of the deepest springs in Missouri. It flows relatively slowly from a very deep cave shaft that is situated at the base of a dolomite bluff. Blue Spring has been explored and mapped to a depth of over 300 vertical feet. The spring itself is some 55 feet deep, rising in a nearly circular pool of water before flowing under a natural bridge to join the Current River. Blue Spring has an average daily flow of 90 million gallons.